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A Dark Presence Awakening

Arriving in the care of a female doctor for whom he senses an unusual but undeniable bond, a mysterious amnesiac with otherworldly abilities soon finds himself drawn into a Billionaire Industrialist’s intricate web of intrigue and apocalyptic horror as he journeys to find the truth of his own dark past, and the destiny that will one day define him. This is the epic story of one man’s awakening in the face of encompassing darkness; a path of both fall and salvation; a journey of monster and hero.


This is the story of Marc Slash. His legend begins here.

On Oblivion's Edge


Four years have passed since the attempted coups and near destruction of Omega City. Still fighting the fringe element of those forces, and many others having since sprung up in the chaos left behind, Marc Slash forges forward regardless in purposeful solitude, righting the wrongs from the shadows, evening the odds in the cover of night, and protecting the innocent from those who would choose to prey upon them. It is his mission. It is his life. It is his choice.


Until one fateful night that changed everything. One fateful night that forever changed the world and reshaped it forever... An unusual and very ancient threat has emerged to target Marc and the Dark Presence he is -- a surreal force which may prove even more formidable and indomitable than even himself. What is reality? What does fate truly hold? And is there truly an escape from a path predetermined, despite a will of cast-iron? For Marc Slash, he must find these further answers, not on the battle- field, but from within … or risk losing his soul entirely.


Social Media is a tool utilized to reach people. Sean Carless is a tool who uses Social Media to often offend those very same people. A satire writer of 15 years, Sean has amassed a large following online with his quips, stories and absurdly cruel observations of everyday life, pop culture, celebrities and even himself. This book is a random collection of his most popular 'Tweets', 'Status updates' and general buffoonery. A quick and easy read, 'Twit-Face' may just be the cure for what ails you. Unless you're diabetic. In that case, maybe stick with Insulin...

Shattered Reflection


With his last conscious memory being his seeming death during the insurrection of Omega City, Donald Worthington, DW, awakens suddenly to a very different life: One where he is happily married, has a modest profession, and is seemingly a decent man.Gone are the billions, the power, the influence. And in its stead DW is left only with.... everything he always believed he wanted or needed.But the lure of his true self soon begins calling, drawing him back toward the power and ego of his previous known existence.Can a man have it all? Are we shaped by our experiences; or are they simply scenery on an unavoidable journey towards inevitability? Does evil always find a way back?

Crimson Dawn


Orphaned as a young child, and seemingly left for dead, Valencia Ramirez became consumed with finding - and eventually killing- the shadowy monster whom she believed had destroyed her life. She made this her mission, her obsession. She became Krymzyn, the world's most sought after assassin. And not a day passed where she did not dream of exacting her revenge and bringing closure to her pain.Three decades later, the truth revealed, and with the monster she sought, THE DARK PRESENCE, seemingly gone, Krymzyn now finds herself the hunted, left poisoned by the very men who had trained her; stalked by those who fear the truth she had discovered.With her time running out, Krymzyn finds a means to reveal her truth, and save the very world she had played a part in corrupting.