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Here you'll find an ever-expanding  record of Sean's published works. To find relevant information on the property you wish to learn more about, you can click on the "buy it" button to be redirected to, or you can contact Sean directly in the "CONTACT" section of this very website.

A Dark Presence Awakening

Arriving in the care of a female doctor for whom he senses an unusual but undeniable bond, a mysterious amnesiac with otherworldly abilities soon finds himself drawn into a Billionaire Industrialist’s intricate web of intrigue and apocalyptic horror as he journeys to find the truth of his own dark past, and the destiny that will one day define him. This is the epic story of one man’s awakening in the face of encompassing darkness; a path of both fall and salvation; a journey of monster and hero.


This is the story of Marc Slash. His legend begins here.

On Oblivion's Edge


Four years have passed since the attempted coups and near destruction of Omega City. Still fighting the fringe element of those forces, and many others having since sprung up in the chaos left behind, Marc Slash forges forward regardless in purposeful solitude, righting the wrongs from the shadows, evening the odds in the cover of night, and protecting the innocent from those who would choose to prey upon them. It is his mission. It is his life. It is his choice.


Until one fateful night that changed everything. One fateful night that forever changed the world and reshaped it forever... An unusual and very ancient threat has emerged to target Marc and the Dark Presence he is -- a surreal force which may prove even more formidable and indomitable than even himself. What is reality? What does fate truly hold? And is there truly an escape from a path predetermined, despite a will of cast-iron? For Marc Slash, he must find these further answers, not on the battle- field, but from within … or risk losing his soul entirely.


Social Media is a tool utilized to reach people. Sean Carless is a tool who uses Social Media to often offend those very same people. A satire writer of 15 years, Sean has amassed a large following online with his quips, stories and absurdly cruel observations of everyday life, pop culture, celebrities and even himself. This book is a random collection of his most popular 'Tweets', 'Status updates' and general buffoonery. A quick and easy read, 'Twit-Face' may just be the cure for what ails you. Unless you're diabetic. In that case, maybe stick with Insulin...

Shattered Reflection


With his last conscious memory being his seeming death during the insurrection of Omega City, Donald Worthington, DW, awakens suddenly to a very different life: One where he is happily married, has a modest profession, and is seemingly a decent man.Gone are the billions, the power, the influence. And in its stead DW is left only with.... everything he always believed he wanted or needed.But the lure of his true self soon begins calling, drawing him back toward the power and ego of his previous known existence.Can a man have it all? Are we shaped by our experiences; or are they simply scenery on an unavoidable journey towards inevitability? Does evil always find a way back?

Crimson Dawn


Orphaned as a young child, and seemingly left for dead, Valencia Ramirez became consumed with finding - and eventually killing- the shadowy monster whom she believed had destroyed her life. She made this her mission, her obsession. She became Krymzyn, the world's most sought after assassin. And not a day passed where she did not dream of exacting her revenge and bringing closure to her pain.Three decades later, the truth revealed, and with the monster she sought, THE DARK PRESENCE, seemingly gone, Krymzyn now finds herself the hunted, left poisoned by the very men who had trained her; stalked by those who fear the truth she had discovered.With her time running out, Krymzyn finds a means to reveal her truth, and save the very world she had played a part in corrupting.

Shadows Of Omega


Marc Slash, The Dark Presence, has finally returned. Donald Warwick Worthington has since been revealed as not only still being alive in turn, but the man behind the façade that was Damien Drake, Omega’s perceived leader.

However, on the evening that DW had announced his first public appearance since his seeming “heroic’ demise some ten years before, a strange terrorist attack unfolds, causing the city’s “champion” and de facto ruler to again disappear completely, leaving the enclosed metropolis of Omega to fall into mass chaos and bedlam in its stead, as the city’s prior cyber defenses and feared robotic order has all but fell by the wayside.

With Marc, and his new, fledgling team trying to make sense of it all, wading through the sudden panic and increasingly strange crime, more and more terrorist assaults begin to unfold, followed by a series of equally bizarre, seemingly connected suicides.

As the team soon starts showing increasingly bizarre behavior themselves, it eventually falls to Marc himself, and the only other unaffected team member, Penelope Cross, to try and decipher these murders, more disappearances, and what if any connection they all hold to a terrifying, mysterious figure who is only referred to as “Omega.”




For the first time ever, all four TNT novellas are assembled as one, between two covers. On Oblivion's Edge. Shattered Reflection. Crimson Dawn. Shadows Of Omega.

Taking place in the eleven years since the attempted Insurrection of Omega City, join Marc Slash, Donald Warwick Worthington, Valencia "Krymzyn" Ramirez, and more, as Sean Carless explores four unique stories of destiny and will, redemption and fall. It's RISEN SON. The end begins here...



2023. With a resurrected DW Worthington scrambling to finish a device that will return to him the life he once craved and the power to fully maintain it, Marc Slash, and the team meanwhile discover the existence of two familiar - and unusual- survivors of a seeming parallel world, and the revelation that they did not arrive alone - a being of impossible power and unstoppable malice has arrived as well, determined to destroy Marc Slash …as it had in their parallel world, and seemingly hundreds of others across a potential multiverse.

Caught in a vortex of impending chaos and confusion, these respective players all engage in a final battle of wills and survival for the present, the past and the very future in turn…



After he and his family had survived a violent attack by an obsessed former patient, whom he had become convinced was also a serial killer, retired Psychiatrist Dr. William Vogelman, now separated from his wife and son, relocates to a quaint town called Idyl Lake, in an attempt to pick up the pieces of his life and start over from his altercation with the now-deceased murderer.

Finding a kindred spirit in a local, Melissa Caldwell, who suspects foul play in the recent death of her own husband, both soon discover that their experiences may not only be connected, but that the doctor’s former patient may still be alive and in Idyll Lake, driven to finish what he had originally started.



Plagued by dreams of a young girl burned as a witch in the 17th century, 17 year old Lily Chambers finds those dreams soon triggered into full-blown conscious visions, after a mysterious new student named Devon Price suddenly arrives at Hawthorne Academy, in the small coastal town of Prescott, in the late fall of 1999.

When strange occurrences and even unexplainable deaths begin following the seemingly too-good-to-be-true Devon, Lily soon suspects that his intentions for Prescott may not only be malicious, but that he may also be directly connected to the girl from her visions from hundreds of years before.


Having somehow avoided being ‘cancelled’ the first time, Sean Carless decided to see if he could possibly go two for two, dusting off his old comedic writing chops to finally deliver a sequel to his popular yet ridiculous original offering: Twit-Face (Or How To Lose Friends & Alienate People Via The Use Of Anti-Social Media And More.)

In this even more absurd sequel, Twit-Face, Volume 2: X Marks The Spot, Sean once again dives headfirst into the shallow end of the pool, sharing his most popular jokes, quips and politically incorrect observations, as featured on various social media platforms, as well as taking you through some of his most hilarious and insane interactions with the varying characters and weirdos that have somehow crossed his path.

A quick and easy read, guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and go “okay, what the #@%!?”, Twit-Face Volume 2 is exactly what the doctor ordered! (A doctor clearly fired for gross malpractice)....


In the shadows of the online dating world, Max, a struggling writer, was living a double life, catfishing multiple women on a dating app at once, despite being engaged to be wed. When he meets Emily, their mutual deceit leads to a shocking murder-suicide. Jake Powell, a detective on personal leave after the loss of his wife, finds himself unwittingly at the epicenter of this dark tale.

The mystery unfolds within the walls of Jake's apartment, where Max's life ends and the sinister plot begins. After Jake stumbles upon Max's burner phone, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a chilling game orchestrated by the real killer, who hides a malevolent secret.

In "CATFISH," love, betrayal, and manipulation collide in a suspenseful thriller, where one man must fight to clear his name and unearth the truth behind the twisted web of deceit, racing against time to unmask the real culprits.

Can Jake uncover the dark motives behind the murders, or fall victim to a relentless adversary?


In the year 2030, nearly two decades after the elusive savior of Omega City, TNT, vanished, eighteen-year-old Catalina Ramirez embarks on a relentless mission for vengeance after her mother Valencia’s murder in Mexico. Following cryptic instructions and her mother’s last words to find her way to the city, she finds herself soon entangled in a mobster's sinister plot and on a collision course with a deadly vigilante, eventually believed to be the resurrected TNT himself.

Assisted by a fierce female district attorney, a one-armed priest linked to her mother's past, and joined by an enigmatic drifter named Matthew in the padre’s service, Catalina soon unravels a complex web of connections and the key to exposing a relentless vigilante's true identity and the dark forces pulling the strings.


In a city where secrets breed, Catalina's pursuit of justice becomes a gripping tale of retribution, unveiling the untold chapters of her mother's life, the mysterious Matthew’s motivations, and the shadows of a city that can't ever seem to bury its past....

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