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The Grandson of popular, award-winning Canadian satirist and cartoonist, Roy Carless (ROI) Sean Harry Carless was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on March 18th, 1977.

Since 2002, Sean has worked in freelance, with his works (often comedic and stream-of-consciousness in style) appearing on dozens of online outlets, magazines and newspapers, including the Toronto Star. He also helmed a website of his own creation, THE WRESTLING FAN, giving voice to nearly three dozen writers in its tenure, where it become the most popular website for pro wrestling satire, getting at its peak, nearly one million unique hits a day.

Since 2011, Sean has mostly dedicated himself toward writing books, parlaying his online popularity into that medium, culminating with the release of his first novel A DARK PRESENCE AWAKENING in 2014, the first of an ongoing sci-fi comic action series, with the sixth and final sequel ETERNAL KNIGHT now available. 


Sean’s final installment in his TNT series called ETERNAL KNIGHT is available now in book stores and is now available for direct order and shipment on He has since officially sold THE WRESTLING FAN brand and dedicates himself to his books and getting increasingly fatter off of French Vanilla Cappuccinos.

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