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On this website, you'll find the latest announcements and news on varying projects I'm currently working on or have released.


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"CATFISH" delves into the shadowy realm of online dating, as Detective Jake Powell, grappling with personal tragedy, is unwittingly thrust into the heart of his best friend Max's duplicitous life, which intersects with a shocking murder-suicide.

As Jake stumbles upon Max's secret phone, he becomes a pawn in a chilling game orchestrated by the true killer.

In this suspenseful thriller, love, betrayal, and manipulation collide, compelling one man to fight for his innocence and unearth the truth hidden within a web of deceit. 


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After completing my massive six-part TNT series, I was left with the task of coming up with new and unrelated stories, as well as entirely different genres. Hence: HIGH PRICE. A supernatural horror thriller - my first foray into that genre, and a love letter to the teen thriller films of the same ilk from the late 1990's, wherein this story takes place.


I’m very proud of this one, and I hope you will all enjoy it as well! (Please spread the word if you enjoyed it!).


Thank you again to everyone who supported me here as well as all my other books, columns and posts! I appreciate you all! 


HIGH PRICE is available right now on Amazon, in both softcover, hardcover and on Kindle!



The Plot: "Plagued by dreams of a young girl burned as a witch in the 17th century, 17 year old Lily Chambers finds those dreams soon triggered into full-blown conscious visions, after a mysterious new student named Devon Price suddenly arrives at Hawthorne Academy, in the small coastal town of Prescott, in the late fall of 1999.

When strange occurrences and even unexplainable deaths begin following the seemingly too-good-to-be-true Devon, Lily soon suspects that his intentions for Prescott may not only be malicious, but that he may also be directly connected to the girl from her visions from hundreds of years before."



     In the year 2030, nearly two decades after the elusive savior of Omega City, TNT, vanished, eighteen-year-old Catalina Ramirez embarks on a relentless mission for vengeance after her mother Valencia’s murder in Mexico. Following cryptic instructions and her mother’s last words to find her way to the city, she finds herself soon entangled in a mobster's sinister plot and on a collision course with a deadly vigilante, eventually believed to be the resurrected TNT himself.


Assisted by a fierce female district attorney, a one-armed priest linked to her mother's past, and joined by an enigmatic drifter named Matthew in the padre’s service, Catalina soon unravels a complex web of connections and the key to exposing a relentless vigilante's true identity and the dark forces pulling the strings.


    In a city where secrets breed, Catalina's pursuit of justice becomes a gripping tale of retribution, unveiling the untold chapters of her mother's life, the mysterious Matthew’s motivations, and the shadows of a city that can't ever seem to bury its past....

     'Crack. The sudden sound of a popping breaker brought about a blanket of fortuitous black that consumed the entirety of this fortified glass building, The Crown Jewel, nestled in the heart of Omega City, a metropolis in repair. This building - it was one of the few to not be damaged during the attempted insurrection, fortunately thwarted four years before. Providence had struck that day, as it usually had for the gangster known as Victor Diamond, also colloquially nicknamed “The High Roller” because of his dominion over the city’s casinos and legalized gambling - as well as more illicit and revolting activities, managed clandestinely, like trafficking and underground bloodsport.  It had somehow survived the barrage of battle unfolding around it, and was left virtually untouched, despite the literal island that was dropped upon this vital city core during the surreal events of that unforgettable day.

    “Victor Diamond,” a crimson and obsidian-clad figure thought to herself, Valencia Ramirez, Krymzyn, her lithe form almost ethereal as she maneuvered up the stairs. Each near-weightless step was made with deadly precision, her dual shimmering silver katanas reflecting the minimal light peaking in through windows. This man, Victor, was her sole focus, her imperative mission. She had been plagued with dreams about him for four years now - and of a life she never lived. A life under his control - a life that had seen her abused, violated, and made to serve all of his disgusting whims. It all felt so real to her. Like it had happened. Like it still could…

    The air was thick with tension as Valencia navigated this labyrinthine structure of gilded opulence, blending her movements seamlessly with the surrounding shadows.

    Her movements became a deadly ballet, as she seamlessly blended martial prowess with an almost supernatural agility. 
Her first adversary fell with a swift strike, the gleaming katana slicing through the air like a viper and parting a man’s entire gun-held arm from his body with a single crescent-like cleave. 

    A concealed dagger emerged from her leather attire next, finding its mark in the next guard’s throat with a squish. Soon, floor after floor echoed with the sound of clashing steel, screams and then the muted, lifeless thuds of what were now two dozen incapacitated foes.
Valencia felt a sense of irony wash over her then, as she kept her pace. She was literally recreating one of the most traumatic events of her own life - a relentless killer in shadow that was systematically obliterating all in her path with a planned lethal precision...'




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