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On this website, you'll find the latest announcements and news on varying projects I'm currently working on or have released.


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"CATFISH" delves into the shadowy realm of online dating, as Detective Jake Powell, grappling with personal tragedy, is unwittingly thrust into the heart of his best friend Max's duplicitous life, which intersects with a shocking murder-suicide.

As Jake stumbles upon Max's secret phone, he becomes a pawn in a chilling game orchestrated by the true killer.

In this suspenseful thriller, love, betrayal, and manipulation collide, compelling one man to fight for his innocence and unearth the truth hidden within a web of deceit. 


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After completing my massive six-part TNT series, I was left with the task of coming up with new and unrelated stories, as well as entirely different genres. Hence: HIGH PRICE. A supernatural horror thriller - my first foray into that genre, and a love letter to the teen thriller films of the same ilk from the late 1990's, wherein this story takes place.


I’m very proud of this one, and I hope you will all enjoy it as well! (Please spread the word if you enjoyed it!).


Thank you again to everyone who supported me here as well as all my other books, columns and posts! I appreciate you all! 


HIGH PRICE is available right now on Amazon, in both softcover, hardcover and on Kindle!



The Plot: "Plagued by dreams of a young girl burned as a witch in the 17th century, 17 year old Lily Chambers finds those dreams soon triggered into full-blown conscious visions, after a mysterious new student named Devon Price suddenly arrives at Hawthorne Academy, in the small coastal town of Prescott, in the late fall of 1999.

When strange occurrences and even unexplainable deaths begin following the seemingly too-good-to-be-true Devon, Lily soon suspects that his intentions for Prescott may not only be malicious, but that he may also be directly connected to the girl from her visions from hundreds of years before."



     After he and his family had survived a violent attack by an obsessed former patient, whom he had become convinced was also a serial killer, retired Psychiatrist Dr. William Vogelman, now separated from his wife and son, relocates to a quaint town called Idyl Lake, in an attempt to pick up the pieces of his life and start over from his altercation with the now-deceased murderer.

Finding a kindred spirit in a local, Melissa Caldwell, who suspects foul play in the recent death of her own husband, both soon discover that their experiences may not only be connected, but that the doctor’s former patient may still be alive and in Idyll Lake, driven to finish what he had originally started....

     “Chase Mathieson,” a man spoke aloud, almost robotically in reflection. 
He sat now in an idling car in the middle of an empty, rain-drenched stretch of back road, the windows of his car fogged up, the wiper-blades cascading across the windshield rhythmically with an almost hypnotic squeak.

   Out in the roadway, painted by the glare of his vehicle’s intense high beams, lay someone in an unmoving heap. The man had, in desperation, backed his car into this very same individual, in a panicked attempt to escape. To escape the truth. To escape the sheer danger that they posed. He had been given no choice. If he wanted to survive. 

   The man in the car now looked at his hands – those clung to the steering wheel of his car in an almost death-grip. They were covered in smears of blood. His own blood. He had been shot. It had happened just moments before. Before he had entered this car in a mad dash.
   He could feel the hot, burning sting of the bullet deep in his shoulder. As well as the strange, tingling flow of blood that was pooling atop the wound, staining his buttoned-up shirt, before soaking through the material entirely as it only further flowed down his pectoral to his naval in small, crimson tributaries.
  The heap on the road began to stir. They struggled but eventually got to their feet, before turning their attention to the man in the car, despite being blinded by the intense gleam of the headlights. This person, eerily focused, determined, they extended their arm – aiming the very same gun again that had fired the bullet that found itself tear into the man in the car. 
   This antagonist was not finished. The man in the car realized that this individual could not afford to let him go. They knew they needed to kill him. He was too much of a danger to them as well.
The man in the car pressed his trembling foot atop the gas, accelerating the vehicle, the rainwater beneath the tires spraying violently as they spun with a frenetic burn.
   The antagonist fired their gun one more time. The bullet pierced the windshield, breaking the glass, before striking the man driving the car in the upper right of his chest. A second shot grazed his ear, nearly tearing it from the man’s head altogether. This man in the car, this driver, however, he was unfazed, almost obsessed now with what he had to do and where he had to go.  He needed to end this.  He had been given no choice…




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